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    Cuervo Fitness Presentation

    I bring you (running) the Cuervo Fitness channel, where I publish videos of running, kickboxing, calisthenics and other sports. Always from the love of effort and good physical fitness.
    Cuervo Fitness
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    Coffee afternoons and oblivion (running)

    This coffee afternoon becomes a little dystopian with a discussion that is about oblivion. Cuervo Fitness gives you the ember with a more than interesting topic. And remember: above all, don't forget your friends. Oh, and stay on track! (I almost forgot).
    Cuervo Fitness
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    Coffee afternoons and the truth (running)

    On this coffee afternoon, but without coffee, you know, on the road, the theme is "The truth." Here Cuervo Fitness, analyzing different concepts about the truth, and special attention to the truth today and the media.
    Cuervo Fitness
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    Battlefield 2042 Season 5 gameplay

    Battlefield 2042 Season 5 gameplay, playing a bit on the Resurgence map, from this season, and a full round on the Trigger map, which was from Season 4. I like to play Mackay, the one with the grappling hook. He was in first place in captured sectors, tied with a player who managed Boris. The battle is hot, watch out for the voice mod.
    Anonymous Hacker
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    Coffee afternoons and forgiveness (running)

    Forgiveness is the central theme of this edition of "Coffee Afternoons with Cuervo Fitness". How is your relationship with forgiveness? Do you usually forgive others? Maybe not yourself? Is forgiveness useful? We will analyze different points of view on forgiveness, while we savor a delicious coffee in the cozy path. Do not miss it!
    Cuervo Fitness