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  • Imagen de Don't let the old man get...

    Don't let the old man get into the house

    Go running. Don't settle, move. Don't let the old man enter the house, there will be no way to move him out from the chair. Find the moment, take time from anything. Sport is life!
    Virtus Dante
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    Hired Ops - Gameplay español 2021

    Playing First Person Shooter "Hired Ops", free game available at Steam, very cool, very playable and addictive, although sometimes you miss a bit of tranquility, hahaha. Pretty realistic, except you're continually reappearing, sure. Free game in 2021, Hired Ops.
    Anonymous Hacker
  • Imagen de My father catches me...

    My father catches me singing at Fortnite!!

    Playing Fortnite with colleagues, I get to sing... "one more time". But my father arrives without my noticing, and the game is over! GAME OVER, lads. Of course, it is a joke video, no one was hurt :) Music by internia.
  • Imagen de Reorganizing Virtus Dante...

    Reorganizing Virtus Dante and Juanda3K channels

    We tell you about changes and reorganization in general, on Virtus Dante channel. The new Juanda3k channel, reserved to him. My comments was lost when moving the channel from my personal account to a brand channel. Music by internia.
    Virtus Dante
  • Imagen de Testing AIY Voice Kit v2 -...

    Testing AIY Voice Kit v2 - Google Assistant using Raspberry Pi Zero

    Artificial Intelligence Do It Yourself - Voice kit, project to create a Google Assistant using a Raspberry Pi Zero and a Voice bonnet. And not only that: we experiment a little more and see more possibilities, as control a servo motor by voice. Kit version 2, with Raspberry Pi Zero. Música by internia.
    Virtus Dante