Free online teleprompter

This great teleprompter will help you speak directly to the camera while reading the text you want to say. It is designed to be used with the webcam, located on the monitor, or with the front camera of your smartphone or tablet1. A true wonder.

1 For smartphone or tablet, you will need a recording app in background.

How to use the teleprompter

  1. Introduce text or upload file
    You can write your text directly, or copy and paste it from a text editor.
    You can also upload the text from a file on your computer.
  2. Solve the captcha operation
    This control is to avoid the use of the tool by robots.
    Just solve the operation and enter the result.
  3. Press the Let's go button
    The teleprompter will appear with the text already loaded.
    Use the controls to play, stop or rewind the text.
    You can also modify the playback speed to suit your reading speed.
    Keyboard shortcuts
    • Spacebar: Play / Stop
    • Up arrow: Play faster
    • Down arrow: Slower / Backward
    • F11: Enable / Disable full screen

Introduce text or upload file

Only these files are allowed: .txt, .html, .docx
Resolve Operation= Wha is this?

We don't save any text, even files are deleted when just uploaded.
The teleprompter works with a volatile copy of the text.