Coffee afternoons and the truth (running)

On this coffee afternoon, but without coffee, you know, on the road, the theme is "The truth." Here Cuervo Fitness, analyzing different concepts about the truth, and special attention to the truth today and the media.

Hello. "Company Chief Calling Crow". Here cuervo Fitness, for today's mornings, yesterday and always.

We continue, we continue in the race, of course, and I will bring you today's topic a little ahead, as always, you know, "Coffee afternoons with cuervo Fitness", our talk, our debate during the race, today with a very topical topic Let's say, "the truth". The truth, friends. Are you sincere, are you sincere with yourselves? Do you think the media lies? Much, much hot topic, huh. Come on now.

Legend has it that, in the castle of Camelot, the Wizard Merlin being there and being asked by his King Arthur about the best virtue of a knight, perhaps gallantry? the force?

swordsmanship? Well, Merlin didn't think long and his response, his response was instant.

He replied: "The truth." truth as the highest virtue of a gentleman. Strip a knight of the truth and he instantly ceases, he ceases to be one, friends, he is no longer a knight, he will no longer be able to sit with the others at the Round Table. Nice topic, isn't it? Let's continue a bit...

We are here, at coffee afternoons with cuervo Fitness, and this is my way of drinking coffee, right?

In full sun and without coffee. Well, it serves as an excuse to talk to you about issues like the one we are dealing with today: the truth. We have heard the legend of Merlin and Arthur, and that is very much in the idea of medieval truth, which is the truth towards oneself, the commitment that one acquires to do what one believes is right, to be consistent with the truth, being the truth practically synonymous with good. Of course, always from the prism and optics of cavalry, here I am not on horseback, no, no, but I am going on a little leg, you see, on a little foot, through these places, now up, then down, and always to Go ahead, don't forget it, don't stop moving. Come on, greetings...

Well, we don't know what years Merlin and Arthur lived in, but surely, well, we really don't even know if they lived, but if they did, it was surely in the early Middle Ages, in what it was a dark age. So, without a doubt, the next protagonist that I am going to tell you about lived before them (if they lived at all). And the new protagonist is, neither more nor less, than Julio César.

What does Julius Caesar have to do with the truth? Well, the following reflection is attributed to him: You believe what you want to believe. You believe what you want to be true.

You accept the lie of what you would like to be true. And why is this so important, this phenomenon?

Well, because it is what is behind, as a basis, many, many, many deceptions, friends, like the stamp, like many scams, like the bargains, they put the candy on you, you want to believe it, you would like it, picas , and you accept as true a lie like a castle.

that, instead of letting yourself be carried away by the belief, by the feeling, by the momentum, you let yourself be carried away, or, rather, you stop and analyze, surely you would not see it as honey-colored, you would not see the caramel as sweet , but you would see it a little poisoned. Hence, my friend, this reflection by Julius Caesar: one believes what he wants to believe, what he wants to be true. Reflect on it...

We continue, in Afternoons of coffee with cuervo fitness, and how do you take the coffee? It's good? did you sweeten it?

I mine very little, and, sip by sip, that I am almost a little less than half full, I now have less than half of the coffee left. And we are going to jump in time on our theme "the truth", we are going to jump to the present time, not the modern time, because the modern time is over, today we are in the current time, we cannot call it anything else shape, because historians have messed it up a bit by calling times with a time reference, so here I am, simply 2023, this is the land I stand on, and today "truth and means". Shouldn't the media be our allies, allies of society? Why do many people today do not come to believe them, do not consider them trustworthy?

It's tricky, they come in, well, moves, they go in moves, yes, the occult, the factions, geopolitics...

but, even without any of that, I don't think the media either , they wouldn't tell the truth either, or at least not all the truth. It is evident that, when you hear a piece of news, whether it is on classic TV, on the Internet, on a social network, God knows, that news is designed so that we, people like you and me, believe it out of the blue soon, practically without stopping to think. But there are people, and I recommend that you do it, who, on a second impulse, make that reflection. Especially with the most striking headlines you have to do it. A reflection, thinking about causes, consequences, who could be behind it, who could benefit,...

And, even if everything is very confusing, at least something, something, something we will suspect, that I don't know if it is better or worse, because the one who doubts is not happy, but anyway, that is another topic: "Happiness and ignorance". afternoons of coffee with cuervo fitness, here we continue...

And, ending with our theme "The truth", a very direct question: How gullible do you think you are ? How do you feel that you are gullible? Do you think you should believe less what they tell you?

Or do you think you should be a little less incredulous, trust others more?

Yes, sometimes it depends a lot on the courier, right? We surely give a friend a higher level of trust than a stranger, but even inside a stranger how about that stranger's appearance? If it fits with our ideal appearance, surely we give it more, more credibility. You have thought about it, haven't you? Not only are we thinking about all this now, but it has been thought about and studied for decades, decades, friends, and we, the mindundis of today, can do almost nothing, because they lead us, they have a lot of advantage over us. But, anyway, today I limit myself to the path, yes, I have said it many times, it is long, but you have to follow it, you have to follow it, come on!