Cuervo Fitness Presentation

I bring you (running) the Cuervo Fitness channel, where I publish videos of running, kickboxing, calisthenics and other sports. Always from the love of effort and good physical fitness.

Company leader calling Cuervo, go ahead Cuervo. Company leader calling Cuervo.

Company leader calling Cuervo, answer me Johny. Yes, this is Cuervo, Cuervo Fitness, this is my channel dedicated to sports, the love of sports and good physical fitness. No, no, no, don't think I'm one of those superhumans who are going to teach you how to get in shape with 7 minutes a day in 2 weeks, no, no, I'm a partner, someone like you, like all my others fans, what I do is to fight, fight to stay alive and stay in shape and kicking, and for this what better than to preach. I am like a preacher who comes to preach the movement, because you have to move, don't stop moving! Your body needs you to move, because your body is lazy and ungrateful, if you don't move it, well, friend, you will become something you don't want to be.

So I am here to preach, lead by example, moving, showing you videos like this, running, others doing kickboxing, maybe other sports, but always, always moving.

So, if you like it, then subscribe, give me a like, or do whatever you want, but don't stop, don't stop moving, always on the way, always on the way, my friend...