Unboxing AIY Voice Kit v2 - Google Assistant with Raspberry Pi Zero

Unboxing the AIY (Artificial Intelligence Yourself) Voice Kit, which is used to build (yourself) a Google Assistant, with a speaker. You will can talk and interact with it. Version 2 of the kit, with Raspberry Pi Zero. We also discovered other things that arrived in the same package. Music by Internia.

Hello, friends, this is Virtus Dante, you see I have a makeover right?

I told you, I told you, that this next video would go with a makeover, and also I told you what would I do, I would go from an unboxing, I commented that I had acquired a kit for make a google Assistant, from AIY, no, I get tired, I can't say it well.

It's Artificial Intelligence Yourself, the Do It Yourself roll but here for intelligence artificial.

We will see what it brings and everything, and one day we will make a video of how it works.

But I have acquired some more things, and, without further ado, we are going to open a small box, to see what brings.

Before, my little friend ...

Y almost there let's see what we have around here, well another box What is it about?

This, this is a case, cables, such ... then this if I'm not mistaken ...

It is a Raspberry pi Zero, a Raspberry of the little ones.

I have bought the kit with housing to mount it.

Someday we'll have to do something with this too.

Let's see, what else do we have around here?


This is two pi Pico, two Raspberry pi Pico, the simplest there is of Raspberry.

Also to see what is going to be done, this can be used as a microcontroller, it has little holes, pins, to connect devices, and surely we will also record it some day.

We continue ...

This is another Raspberry pi Zero, like the one before, but without the case, without the kit, this is a loose.

Another box.

We'll see.

So this is a box.

with a fan, some heatsink ... and it's to put a Raspberry pi 4 inside here, exactly the that we have here.

This one, the most powerful there is, the one with 8 gigs of RAM.

I commented in the last video that I have asked it to see if it shows in the performance, since we want it to go better than our Raspberry pi 400.

This Raspberry pi 4 we will test it, we will do some tests, similar to the ones we did for the Raspberry pi 400, Let's see how it behaves, Well, we leave this here, and let's open ...

big box like Petete's Fat Book, which was big.

And here the google assistant kit has to come, let's see if that's the case ...

wrapper ...

Here we have this, ah, this is very interesting, it is like an Arduino UNO but it has built-in the plate and wifi.

We will have to try it too.

A joystick, like the one we had in the turret.

This is a butter, a buzzer, but already prepared with the pins.

This is for riding a camera, or a motor, whatever.

Dupont cables, used to connect the devices to the boards, Arduino ...

Dupont cables of another format, longer ...

What is this...

A highly sensitive microphone.

Like what the box had that opened by itself, there is a microphone like this there.

This is a motor, a servomotor, but of a higher quality than the ones in the box and the turret, it is a bit of higher quality, is to do some more experiment.

This I have no idea what it is.

Another buzzer.

Yes there are things here, huh ...

And finally, here it is, here it is.

The voice Kit.

The voice kit to make the google Assistant.

AIY, how shall we put it, well.

Artificial Intelligence Yourself.

Do it yourself intelligent speaker.

Voice Kit.

Maid by you with Google.

Here, to open ...

And here we have it.

I commented in the other video that it is made as a box, you have to assemble as a box cardboard, here this.

Here we see that it brings the speaker, quite large.

Cables to connect.

In principle, it has to be assembled without welding anything, it is prepared not to weld.

This for the box.

Here, important.


The brain of everything. let's see what type of insert it is.

We see that you have the GPIO here.

Well, it looks like the Raspberry pi Zero, but I don't know if it is exactly that, let's compare...

It is not equal, of course, in size yes, but otherwise it is quite different.

It seems made on purpose, this board seems made on purpose for this project.

Yes, it says "Made by you with Google" here.

Let's see if I get it right ...

Well, it does not focus well but it is a plate made on purpose for this project.

This insert.

Well, we left the Raspberry Zero lying around ...

What is this...

Ah, my friend, this yes, this yes, this is the Raspberry.

This is the Raspberry, there we have it.

This is the Raspberry.

You see It's a pi Zero.

And, what happens is that it comes with this one, that it is made on purpose for this project, it is like a hat.

It connects to the GPIO.

Surely all this is prepared for wiring, as we said without soldering anything, without having to solder anything, being able to connect the speaker, the button and everything that is needed.

This is it, folks, so you have a Raspberry pi Zero and this specific hat for the google voice assistant.

Let's leave it here.


Although really the detailed instructions to complete the project are published on the internet, I was watching them, browsing a little before buying it.

In English, yes, but quite, quite well explained, you have to know English, but quite well explained and I think we will carry the project successfully.

And here I have this, which is the button, button that will go on top of the box, finished, and finally, USB cable for food.

Well, that's it, I don't know whether to open this a bit to see ...

Very cool.

Come on, very cool when it's done, right now here, it's four cartons, and our little cards, the friends.

But this is it, so you can imagine it right?

the next video will be testing, testing the google Assistant, hopefully it will come out well, that we complete the project successfully, and that we can make our video working the google assistant kit powered by Raspberry pi.

Friends, until the next video!