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If you like DIY, technology, programming... It's very easy if you try.
Raspberry Pi

Videos about Raspberry Pi, its different modls, its performance, its posibilities, operating systems, hacks... It's very easy if you try.

  • Imagen de Reorganizing Virtus Dante...

    Reorganizing Virtus Dante and Juanda3K channels

    We tell you about changes and reorganization in general, on Virtus Dante channel. The new Juanda3k channel, reserved to him. My comments was lost when moving the channel from my personal account to a brand channel. Music by internia.
    Virtus Dante
  • Imagen de Testing AIY Voice Kit v2 -...

    Testing AIY Voice Kit v2 - Google Assistant using Raspberry Pi Zero

    Artificial Intelligence Do It Yourself - Voice kit, project to create a Google Assistant using a Raspberry Pi Zero and a Voice bonnet. And not only that: we experiment a little more and see more possibilities, as control a servo motor by voice. Kit version 2, with Raspberry Pi Zero. Música by internia.
    Virtus Dante
  • Imagen de Arduino IDE under Raspberry...

    Arduino IDE under Raspberry Pi 400

    We tried to program an Arduino from our Raspberry Pi 400, using Arduino IDE, but an old version because the updated version does not finish launching correctly from Raspberry OS. We take the opportunity to see what little things can be done with Arduino. Music for internal. Subtitles in Spanish and English.
    Virtus Dante
  • Imagen de Raspberry Pi 400 Evaluation

    Raspberry Pi 400 Evaluation

    After unboxing, and after do many tests with our Raspberry Pi 400, we bring this evaluation video, talking about the test results. Spanish audio. Subtitles in Spanish and English. Music by Internia.
    Virtus Dante
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