It's a long road

Yes, it is long, but in the end everything tastes like little. Running through the field we try to extend this a little more. Here I show the suffering, and I try to entertain a bit with coffee afternoons with Cuervo Fitness, a bit of philosophical conversation. Don't miss the ending!

Hello. Well, this is a bit like that one said, right? "What a beautiful morning to do some military maneuvers." Well, it's not morning here, it's 4 in the afternoon 30 degrees, "What a beautiful afternoon to go for a run." I have left the child, you know, as always, there at soccer training, well, we have to take advantage of an hour to move, because if we don't move we get stagnant.

And this is over, there is little left. Well, let's see how the afternoon goes, huh.

Come on now.

No no no no no no. This is not Ukraine and the drone attack.

This is the passage of time and ruin. The ruin in which we are all going to enter yes, do not think that you are going to escape. But we can fight, we can extend it a little more, as always, moving. If we move, then we demonstrate the movement, of course.

And we show it running, jumping, andandillo or follandillo, as you want, but you have to move, guys, well whoever can, you know, greetings to all, friends Yes, yes, this is the stage of suffering, the suffering because around here I've already been climbing for about two kilometers and, although it must be said, it's a slight slope, but it's a continuous climb, and then, well, you suffer, you suffer...

And today the suffering wanted to show it, I didn't want it keep as other times for my privacy, but I wanted normal people, people like you, like my fans, to know what it is to suffer.

Because fame costs, fame costs and this is where we continue to pay.

I started paying a long time ago, friends, but today I continue to pay, because the hard part is not getting there, it's staying. Lapidary phrases, friends, some of them taken from little movies, yes, the good ones, the kind that morning people like me like.

Well, I'm really almost reaching Aguascalientes de Santa Fe, and this is where I usually turn around, as always, turn around, ar!

And now afterwards we will have a little philosophical chat you and me, until now!

Well, here we are, in what we could say "coffee afternoons with Cuervo Fitness".

Afternoons of coffee, but you did not imagine that it would be at a table with your little coffee or your tea, your pastry, no no no.

This is, well, moving the pumpi, friend.

And, in these "coffee afternoons with Cuervo Fitness" today the theme is regret.

Repentance is a bit of a subject, I would almost say, already metaphysical.

There are people who think that it is good to repent, who believe in repentance, who need it, but there is another much more philosophical current, how would I say, let go, leave the weight of the backpack, leave it behind. That is the class to which I belong, which does not mean that I do not learn from my mistakes, because I make them, many and very big ones, but I learn from them, I carry them with me in my baggage, but not as a burden, far from it, but as a push, a push to continue. So no, I don't regret it.

Even so, I know that many of you have faith, you are firm believers in repentance, and you tell me sometimes that, no matter how hard you try, you can't repent. It is when I tell you: friends, join me, join me, to these coffee afternoons with Cuervo Fitness, and I assure you that sooner or later you will regret this.

Sierra Nevada in the background, and I walk back.

I'm walking back now, yeah On these afternoons, then, we barely have a couple of sips of coffee left, perhaps three sips, and we'll finish and we can continue with our routine from day to day, which I don't forget. I do not forget that you also have those daily obligations that you think are not allowed, that do not allow you to take this little time to move.

Try it, do me that favor, I ask you. Don't let the old man into the house.

Well, as I said, I have that left, about three kilometers, and, here I am going to cut it, because I am going to have to grit my teeth a lot, since the heat is pressing and one is no longer ready for these jogs, but I follow it, it I keep trying, I'm still there, come on, friends, give it your all to the road, don't stop, come on, come on...

The road is long, yes, it's long. "It's a long road." [Music OST "First blood"]