Don't let the old man get into the house

Go running. Don't settle, move. Don't let the old man enter the house, there will be no way to move him out from the chair. Find the moment, take time from anything. Sport is life!

Hello, all kind of friends. How are you? Here, 8 in the morning, one degree Celsius, and moving Why do we move? Because, you know, old Clint already said it: "Never let the old man come into the house".

remove the site So remember the advice of old Virtus Dante, and move, move.

Do not stop moving, movement is demonstrated by walking, running, perhaps lifting weights...

Well, come on, you know, and let's see... when is this pachanguita? Huh, long? That you promised me Model!

Well, I'm still here, and since I know you like it, I'm going to give you a little conversation.

Yes, I know that those of you who know me, perhaps, knowing how crazy I am, you think that I am here, in Eastern Europe.

But no, no, nothing is further from reality. I am in the homeland, Santa Fe, Spain, Granada and, as I said before, by not letting the old man into the house. So that the old man does not enter the house, which all you have to do is get out there and move. Come on, I'll tell you more later.

Well, now, I don't know, I've been four, four and a half, or five kilometers, reaching the Santa Fe baths, you already know the "hot waters", and here it's time to sing that, turn around, ar!

And, well, the sun is a little higher, and a little less cold, but it shows, eh. Yes Yes.

And I will give you a little more conversation, of course, because, as I always remind you, there is no excuse. There are many friends who ask me how I do it, how do I get this time to go out and give joy to the body. Well, me too, like you, we are morning people, and life has us well taken by the eggs. But you have to insist, you have to try.

Me, for example, when I take the child to soccer training, well, that hour, hour and a half that the uncle is there there, progressing, and that it would be very nice to see it, I prefer to throw it in for a little while of exercise, Whether it's going for a run, or going to a calisthenics station, doing my pull-ups, doing my nonsense there...

And, for example now, they have put on a game at 9 in the morning, he had to be there at 8, Well, I'll leave it and go out for a run for 40 or 45 minutes, which is good, I'm telling you, eh. Well...

Well, coming to the end of my journey, that it will be the sports center of the Americas in Santa Fe, where my son plays the game, and, well, there is a, a piece that I have skipped, the three quarters of the race, which is when things get a little hard, It's a hard time, which I've kept for my privacy. You already know that you are athletes, or you have done sports, you know that these are those moments in which you have to push a little, and trust in oneself, ask the body for that extra energy that we need, but that takes a little more in giving ourselves, and now, when we have it, we can move forward.

Oh! I forgot! I will put here, somewhere, a link to the route that I have done, for those who want to see it. Come on, hello!