Coffee afternoons and forgiveness (running)

Forgiveness is the central theme of this edition of "Coffee Afternoons with Cuervo Fitness". How is your relationship with forgiveness? Do you usually forgive others? Maybe not yourself? Is forgiveness useful? We will analyze different points of view on forgiveness, while we savor a delicious coffee in the cozy path. Do not miss it!


Welcome, we are here in one more edition of "Coffee afternoons with Cuervo Fitness".

Today the theme is forgiveness. Why forgiveness? Well, because I had been thinking that, since I presume a lot before you that I exercise, not stopping moving is something that I do not forgive, well, this issue of forgiveness has come to me from there. But we are going to approach it in a more classic way, and, you'll see, because you're going to like it, eh, you're going to like it. Come on, let's go there, we'll keep talking.

Yes, I'm still here, giving the cafelito a hard time, and giving a hard time to forgiveness.

Forgiveness is today's topic in "Coffee afternoons with Cuervo Fitness".

We ask ourselves: Is forgiveness valid? Do you think it is positive? Do you think it is counterproductive?

Could it be that you consider it useless? Well, of all these answers surely none can be categorical, and I think we all agree a lot will depend on the seriousness of the calving we have done. For example, something simple, would you forgive a friend? Would you forgive him for not inviting you to a little party? Maybe, maybe yes, although surely many of you don't. But we'll put a new variable in this. Let's continue.

Hello, a paragraph here Papa Smurf to comment and apologize for the audio of this video, because you will notice in some moments above all that the wind cut, cut and annoyed the sound. The microphone is the one for the camera, you know that I record raw.

And, that's it, I just apologize and go ahead and continue enjoying the video.

It is clear that, in the same situation, in the face of the same offense committed by someone, some of us will accept forgiveness as a valid notion, and others will think no, that of forgiving nanai.

It will depend above all on the severity of the calving. Well, I think we all agree on that, and each one will decide how serious it can be to veto or not the pardon. But we are going to introduce the variable of the relationship towards whom forgiveness is, we are going to distinguish between forgiving others and having them forgive us. In this sense, we have the following possibilities. A person who as a general rule forgives others, and who as a general rule also forgives himself, and considers that he deserves forgiveness from others. Well, this is what I would call a softy, so there is not much more to talk about, we move on. Then there is the issue of those who, as a general rule, do not forgive others and, consequently, do not forgive themselves, nor do they believe that they deserve forgiveness. These people are too radical, let's say, they are on a path with good intentions perhaps but surely they miss, they miss the shot. We move on to another category, which are those who do not forgive others as a general rule, but do forgive themselves and consider that they deserve forgiveness. Well, if you're one of these, friend, I'm sorry to break it to you, but you're an undesirable, an undesirable when it comes to forgiveness and relationships. I have one last group left, those who forgive others as a general rule , but are harder on themselves, they do not forgive themselves or believe they deserve forgiveness.

Well, you have a problem, of course you do, don't punish yourself so much, treat each other with equanimity. It's okay for you to forgive, but you can also deserve it. Perhaps you do not believe that you should be judges. Well, let others decide , and if they forgive you, receive it willingly, accept it as a blessing. And this is indeed a blessing: the little hill is here, come on...

(I just swallowed a mosquito).

Come on, don't be shy, tell me what you think of this dialectic, this dichotomy, this non-living of forgiveness, here in "Coffee afternoons with Cuervo Fitness". We continue now, on the way back and we are going to return to the dilemma of simply forgiving yes or no, but we are going to introduce a matter, a very delicate matter that almost every time we talk about forgiving, not forgiving, moving on, undoing everything... Well, it always appears, and it is infidelity. Would you forgive an infidelity?

Has it happened to you? Leave it in the comments. What did you do?

Did you consider that a pardon, a reunification, let's say, would strengthen your relationship?

It worked? Did it break again? The truth is that this is indeed a matter that gives to release jets of ink and a lot, a lot of talk, friends, a lot of talk, very long, perhaps as long as the road, always on the road, always, always.

Well, and for today I think I'm not going to roll up any more, this afternoon of " coffee afternoons with Cuervo Fitness" ends here, we talk about forgiveness, maybe we put our finger on the sore of infidelity, or how we feel and we perceive either forgiveness towards others or towards ourselves.

Discuss it, discuss it with your closest beings. You will know each other, it will help you to know each other.

It's good, it's good to meet, isn't it? Put the phone aside, no, finish the video first! No?

Then you can continue with your social life, at home or on the street, live it! live it intensely