Reorganizing Virtus Dante and Juanda3K channels

We tell you about changes and reorganization in general, on Virtus Dante channel.
The new Juanda3k channel, reserved to him.
My comments was lost when moving the channel from my personal account to a brand channel.

Music by internia.

Hello! After several videos without Virtus Dante junior, or rather Juanda3k, today I have it here by my side, hello. - Hello everyone, I hope you are great.

Because we want to tell you about a series of changes and reorganization in general What are we going to do or, well, we've already done some of them, on the Virtus Dante channel. The first point is that we moved the channel, which was in my personal Google account, to a specific brand channel, to be able to manage it better. This worked out pretty well, except that all comments that I had facts with that account, since they have been completely lost. This is a shame, but I I have taken care to answer again some of the questions that you ask me in the comments. Anyway, in this sense it has been like a clean slate. The next point is announce that juanda3k has a new channel, I'll put it here and in the video description, and This is because the tech roll and the do it yourself roll, it doesn't suit, it doesn't suit the friend much, but well, let him tell you a little about what the channel is about. - Well, on my channel you will find a lot of content video games, and a few other things as well. Video games you can find Fortnite, you can find Steep. Steep is an original game that I think is very good, eh, I do not roll much. You also go to find vlogs because I get to some cool travel sites, or experiences I've had, jumping into the water for example, which I like a lot, I don't know ... Apart from that, I could also do caspendo things, tier lists, whatever you ask me, you already know that you can tell me what you want, down in the comments, and tell me your opinions and your recommendations, and I will try them bring to the channel. Well can you go on, internia? - Yes, of course, very interesting, I hope Let's also make a collaborative video between the two someday, remember that I was also gamer. Well, one important thing: juanda3k followers subscribe to the new channel, but for Please, do not erase yourselves from mine because if you don't you will miss really cool things. You can imagine that this channel, Virtus Dante, I'm going to keep it focused on tech, Raspberry, Arduino, programming ... and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Finally, as apart from those topics I have other concerns, and in fact, well, I have had videos on various topics for a long time, Well, I have that planned: keep this channel focused on technology and, for those other concerns, as I will create some other parallel channel. One in particular I already have it clear, which will be the channel of Anonymous Hacker, I will inform you. Well, we don't want to bore you anymore, you know, the new channel Juanda3k, and continue enjoying, give the like, leave your comment, any opinion is welcome, always within the clear respect, that the thing is quite busy already, eh.

Well hello guys, bye! - Goodbye...